Segmentation & Targeting

For sure the segmentation and targeting process is one of most important to align the go to market commercial model to the market need and company business strategy.

This is the basic platform for interaction with the customers, that’s why we need to pay attention to this process and to consider a lot of things.

Depending on the company portfolio, some initial questions and doubts could rise:

  • Generic segmentation
  • Multidimensional segmentation
  • Lack of data
  • Lack of resources
  • Wide portfolio of Rx products in promotion

Additionally to these are the market challenges:


Fully according with defined the go to market model we need to consider:

  • Concentration curves determine optimal target audience coverage in different specializations (GP vs. Specialist)
  • Tring to cover 80% of prescription potential will end to cover some part of target audience ; this is also one criteria to define the team structure and territory alignment
  • The right customer group should be  validated through external and internal processes



The segmentation process need to consider different aspects:

1. Strategic assumptions depending on

  • Which are the ATC groups the company have portfolio, how broad is the company portfolio  
  • Are there many products
  • Price per Day Of  Treatment comparison for different  specific target groups

2. Segmentation process will include:

  • Data input in CRM
  • Data indexing – Potential
  • Data indexing – Loyalty
  • W/G/F customer segmentation
  • Customer ranking
  • Segmentation matrix

3. Segmentation dimensions

Potential (50%)

  • Nr.of active patients (20%)
  • Generic prescriber (60%)
  • Willingness to cooperate (20%)

Loyalty (50%)

  • % of „Company“ patients

Nr. of Company products in cooperation


Segmentation outcome:

The segmentation and targeting process should be a dynamic process. We already put for this process a lot of resources, energy to find the best way to maximize our portfolio potential, so is mandatory to develop our business, to develop the relationship with our customers trough the outcomes of this process.There are two possible ways to increase sales contribution of one customer:

  • Patient pool potential utilization
  • Prescribed portfolio expansion

Patient pool potential utilization represents shifting physician in different segments; Shift of physicians in segmentation represents increasing the sales. The objective for field force should be to shift physicians into matrix segments in combination with regional MS increase. To reach that is mandatory to  developing a monthly reporting system for segmentation matrix and regional MS evolution on representative level.


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