Portfolio Assesment

Each top manager may ask him self sometime few key questions about company portfolio:

  • which product bring real value for the company
  • have the company the right mix of products to assure a stable growing platform for the future
  • which are that products with negative impact for the company (profitability)
  • which criteria should be taken into consideration to find the right mix of products for promotional teams and how can we find their sinergy
  • which are the products for which we can consider just carryover and how to judge it; which will be the real impact on the company level in term of profitability, decrease/mentain the sales, etc.

For sure there are just a little part of the possible questions which could rise when we want or we are forced by the market enviroment changes to (re)consider our portfolio and to find the right criteria to assist it in order to have:

  • the best possible profitable portfolio of products
  • that products which will help the field force to focus on real profitable products and to build success stories about them
  • the right products and the right mix in order to develop growth platforms for the company
  • the best chances to preserve field force structure and to build a good future for people, even in difficult times, when the company have to fight with many changes from the market enviroment

Below are few details about my approach for this exercise. 

There should be included all relevant criteria for the company portfolio. Each element may have a very high importance for a valuable assessment, and also is mandatory to invlove in open discussion all relevant business people.

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There are some objective elements, but we have to decide how to weighted them in order to have a final results.

Because in the ent we will have a list with all our company portfolio and each oh them will have calculate an index/ a score. We can split all portfolio into three calegories:

  • hight attractiveness
  • medium attractiveness
  • low attractiveness

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The analyses results can be shown in a graphic way for a best visualisation:

2015-06-04 203616
2015-06-04 203638

There could be used a various elements as imputs. We should consider to include also some elements, like:

2015-06-04 203814

2015-06-04 203745

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For such exercise is very important to have many data which will be included in the analyses.
For example, of find out the best synergy between products could be usefull to have data about the average number of prescription for each INN and from each specialty. In this way we can know exactly which are the medical specialty of interest and which are the synergy between different portfolio products.

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Regarding the carryover analyses, there could be consider two metotologies for calculation:

  • hystorical sales brick analyses
  • business input

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