Market Enviroment Assesment

For every company is very important to assest the external enviroment changes and challenges. 

For sure, each company may have analyses departament, but is important the way to perform this assesment, to understand the market challanges and to have the ability to to reveal that information extremely useful to explain for themselves what is happening in the market. 

We live in an era where efficiency and effectiveness are often brought into discussion. 

Do we really need, for a comprehensive analyses of market performance and competitor landscape, a department especially dedicated to such activities?

Of course, the answer depend on the size of company and also depend on workload related to analyses.

We can consider to use some (semi-)automatically ways to perform such analyses, monthly. Sometimes this solution is not as flexible we might need.

We can use also a very common solution which is extremely cost/effective one; this can be managed very easy by one single person, one hour/month need to update/manage these analyses, including the management from business point of view.

Which is the most effective way to use such analyses in real dynamic business environment ?

  • How we will use all the analysed performed ?
  • Which is the best way to integrate them in common business activities and to use the for a better understanding of the business enviroment ?
  • Who is mandatory and who is likly to use them ?
  • Which should be the main advantages of these assesments ?

Let’s see below part of these analyses tool and my approach about them.
All the tools/analyses are based on MS Excel wich require a very minimal effort to update them monthly

This is the main interface wich help to manage easy all modules of tools and also to run all the analyses.



First we need a general overview of the market - total market, including OTC and FS and additional to that the RX segment of the market, especialy for those company with broad prescription based portfolio.

After that, is time to see the market dynamics and competitors evolution with more details, for each part of the market which is most fit with our company portfolio.
If our company portfolio id mainly based in retail products, is most probably that we are not very interested in RX Hospital market dynamics.

This module is fully automaticaly based on predefined VBA macros which will help us to view in seconds each market we are interested in. How long time will take usually for one dedicated person to perform all this analyses monthly …? It is all about efficiency and effectiveness


There are 
neccessary just about 30 sec. to change the analyses to any part oh the market. 


It is also very easy to change anytime to units or value or to view all the analyses details by corporations or by manufacturers. 
Everytime it is up to your business need and the focus in put on facts

Now is time to go for more details for a specific part of the market and to see the competitors landscape and their performance



Different ways and angles to analyse the market dynamics.


                             Different ways and angles to analyse the market dynamics.

Now it is time to have a complete overview of our company portfolio and dymanics. How can we have all the details in just one page, below is my approach:


And the same analyses we can get in seconds for each competitor in the market.We can hood to anlyse the growth drivers for different segment and channels.


Now, is time to have a deep look into a specific market. The market definition cand be managed very easy, just add or delete the SKUs, so we can define the product market by molecule name or by a very specific definition.


And everytning is fully atumomaticaly refresh in just seconds depend on our selection. The system allow us to have many combination depend on our business need to evaluate a specific market.


This was just an example, my approach, about how we can effectively assest the market monthly with a very minimal effort and a lot of focus on business needs.

© Boata Sorin 2013