Activity Samples


Here I want to present some samples from my activity.

Business Inteligence tools

The main objective is to evaluate the dynamic performance of the sales force

The main users are Business Unit Managers and First Line Managers; these tools allow them to evaluate in a very ojective way their teams performance, and take the proper decisions and strategies.

All the tools presented below were developed during my work for Teva Pharmaceuticals Romania, and they are property of the company; the only reason for present them is to provide more objective and detailed informations about my profesional activity, as a curriculum vitae;


Unsing this tools is very simple to evaluate dymanic of sales and performance, at Business Unit level or First Line managers level;

These two levels have different analyses that help to evaluate very easy the dymanics of sales.

For each matrix you can select: product, last month as start for evaluation, name of First line manager/Sales Representatives, Team, Type of sales (sell-in or sell-out);

Next analyses are available for each matrix:

  • country sales performance: sales evolution for last 6 month, sales growth rate for last 6 month, country MS evolution, Contry Growth evolution. Also is very easy to add on graph comparison with sales target
  • First line managers/Sales representatives performance: MS are, country MS, country MS target
  • country MS evolution for sell-in and sell-out
  • country ratio sell-in/sell-out evolution for own company product and for market, as comparison
  • competitors evolution, with selection for last month and for last 3 month
  • First line managers and sales reprezentatives area - market evolutin and own product evolution - with selection for last month or for last 3 month
  • each county MS and comparison with country MS, that enable to evaluate positive or negative market share drivers
  • The system is highly automated;works with an Microsoft Access database with is very easy and quick updating with any kind of sales data (IMS, Cegedim or internal sales).

The system can be customized according to the needs.


Using this tools is very simple to evaluate dymanic of activity recorded in CRM system and also orders generated by own sales force and recorded in CRM platforms. 

The data are available for Business Units level (information about FLSM) and also for FLSM (total information about their team members)

There are included some basic KPI:

  • visits made (total and for target group)
  • days with activity
  • double visits made
  • - frequency visits
  • sales/orders informations: total value, total number of orders, number of customers with repetitive orders,  total number of customers. All these information are available for target group/mon target group or independent/chain pharmacies.

The system can be customized according to the needs.


Using this tools is very simple to evaluate dymanic of activity performance captured on coaching meetings by FLSM.

This tool can track all the information from last coaching meetings and for all representatives from FLSM team.

After the sheet is completed, after coaching discussion, is very simple to save last coaching report as .pdf and then send by mail to medical representatives.

According with informations stored in every sheet, for every representative system update a matrix for all team members where FLSM can easy view the dynamic performance of activity.

The system can be customized according to the needs.


With this tools you can perform a complete evaluation of the activity representative.

Is a powerful tool that can be used for developing and evaluating sales force.

For each competency / behavior there are three levels of evaluation, proper professional evolution.

The system can be customized according to the needs.


This is a complex tool based on Microsoft Excel, designed to analyze market dynamics. It is based on a series of pivots and predefined analysis so with charging these analyzes sales data are simply highlighted. 

In this way, attention can be focused on the analysis of market dynamics and identify the elements that should be analyzed in more depth.


This is a complex tool based on Microsoft Excel, designed help to set monthly  and / or quarterly goals sales for fieldforce. 

The strength of this instrument is high capacity and ease of configuration for a large variety and a large number of products, team representatives. 

The basic criteria underlying the operation of the system are: market potential and product sales history for which the target is set. 

The system can operate independently or together with Microsoft Access to export data easily and split them into various categories and updating data. 

The system also includes a module that maps sales informations with the sales target very easily, the result is sales versus target ratio, split on any criteria you wish.


This is a complex and compact tool based on Microsoft Excel, designed to analyze key growth drivers and average prices. The system can easy show information for top growth products and also fot top products from portofolio. 

Regarding the benchmark is very easy to choose from various market type just by click. 

Using this complex and complete tool is easy to understand the price strategy of every competitor and to be more accurate to define your own best price strategy.


Segmentation and targeting the right customers is one of the most important elements of the marketing strategy of a company.

Using this model, which is based on an automated tool developed in Excel, you can see at any geographical level, distribution of clients according to two dimensions: potential and adoption rate. 

With the average market share in the selected region as benchmark, you can easily identify those customers where it will be necessary to adjust marketing strategy, increasing the number of visits or using other tools.

Any changes impact the call capacity, so using this tool every area manager or representative can easy adapt marketing strategy at the site and can control while delivering call plan.

and what is most important, from a glance you can identify if it the team have the right focus on clients with growing potential of the selected area, doctors or pharmacies.

© Boata Sorin 2013